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    • We are exceptionally low cost.
    • We take care to ensure submitted candidates skills align with your job specification (we can assist with producing a job specification if required).
    • When we cannot source within industry personnel, we pro-actively seek out candidates with re-engineering potential (most engineers have skills that are easily transferrable between industries).
    • We question our candidates on their attitude to safety and will not put forward candidates who do not display the expected level of regard for safety.
    • We fish in alternative seas for candidates (avoiding recirculating CV’s) and do this at low cost.
    • We provide a highly pro-active and competitive recruitment service ( We head hunt the right candidates for you rather than just posting adds on job boards and waiting for applicants to apply).
    • We can assist with filling a one off vacancy where you are not receiving the right candidates or engage with you on an ongoing basis as an alternative resource finder.
    • We are highly customer focused and will do all within our power to meet your expectations.
    • We tailor the level of service you require to meet your needs. This can range from providing candidates for one specific difficult to fill vacancy through to a full recruitment partnering agreement. Some additional services we provide for our clients are:
    • Psychometric testing.
    • Competency assessment.
    • Initial interviews.

    • We take time to carefully match you to the right role.
    • We will consider you for re-engineering roles which most agencies would bypass you for (Engineers have skills that can be transferrable between industries).
    • We can assist you in becoming a limited company should you wish to become a contractor. We can also assist you with contracting through an umbrella company.
    • We have clients throughout the UK and Europe and will notify you should a suitable vacancy become available.
    • We provide a low cost recruiting service meaning clients tend to use our services exclusively to keep costs down, improving your chances.
    • We can offer you interview techniques and advice providing you with the tools to succeed in interviews
    • Our friendly team of recruiters are dedicated to satisfying our candidates and clients, so will only put you forward for roles we feel are suitable for your experience.
    • We will not pressure you into going forward for a role you are not keen on.

Latest News

  • Pioneering Spirit Removes Brent Delta Platform

    The Allseas Pioneering Spirit set another record on Friday when she removed all 24,200 tonnes of the Brent Delta platform topsides in a single motion. It was the largest lift in the history of the offshore oil and gas industry – and with a maximum rated lifting capacity of 48,000 tonnes, the Spirit has plenty of room left to beat her own record.
  • Investors snapping up community energy projects, with some selling out in minutes

    The public appetite for community funded renewable energy appears to be limitless, with projects proving so popular they are selling out within minutes of being offered to investors.
  • Oil, Gas Could See Recruitment Uptick in 2017

    The oil and gas field will see a climb in recruitment this year, stated Huw Rothwell, Petroplan’s United States regional director.  “I think this year we’re going to see an uptick, but it is very, very dependent on the oil price,” Rothwell told Rigzone during an interview at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas.
  • Looking Out for Our Avian Neighbours

    The wind industry gets little credit for its great effort to protect wildlife of all kinds, probably because the effort goes under reported. That work includes the radar detection of approaching birds, controls that change a turbine’s start and stop times, and more.
  • Energy Efficiency: The ‘First Fuel’ and a Source of Energy in its Own Right

    Energy Consumption in Europe In the final EU Energy Union document "A Framework Strategy for a Resilient Energy Union with a Forward-Looking Climate Change Policy”, the European Commission recognized the importance of improving overall energy efficiency – "Member States [should] give energy efficiency primary consideration in their policies.” Miguel Arias Cañete, the EU Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, called energy efficiency the "invisible powerhouse of Europe” and "one of the most cost effective means to improve energy security and economic competitiveness, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and make energy more affordable for consumers.”

Safety Message of the Month

Please hold the handrail! Every year, approximately 655 people die in England and Wales as a result of falling down the steps or stairs. Will you be one of the 655?"