The oil and gas field will see a climb in recruitment this year, stated Huw Rothwell, Petroplan’s United States regional director. 
“I think this year we’re going to see an uptick, but it is very, very dependent on the oil price,” Rothwell told Rigzone during an interview at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas.

The oil and gas industry will see a rise in recruitment this
year, said Huw Rothwell, Petroplan's USA regional director.

“The market’s a little bit directionless at the moment. When oil prices have dropped to $45 a barrel the confidence dissipates, but north of $50 people feel confident and bullish,” he noted.
Rothwell said that employment in oil and gas has already improved since the rise in oil prices earlier this year.

“With a relatively stable oil price around the $50 mark … we’ve seen a lot of uptick in the oilfield services sector. This was an area that’s been particularly badly affected over the downturn of the last three years but now we’ve seen a number of … mainly field based roles,” Rothwell said.

“The oilfield services companies are still continuing to be very careful about their costs and are still making layoffs in some areas but they’ve needed, particularly in some of the shale plays where they’ve perhaps overcut, they now need to expand and develop their workforce more,” he added.

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